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    Large-Size Industrial Water Chiller TF-LS-20A

    • Model:Large-Size Industrial Water Chiller TF-LS-20A
    • Brand:Toffon
    • Technical Service:Our company can provide non-standard custom-made machines and solutions.

    The qualified large-size industrial water chiller produced by Shanghai Toffon adopted advanced production techniques. With a well-knit structure and a beautiful appearance, this machine can be used in various fields, such as plastic production, electroplate industry, electronic manufacturing, medicine, chemistry, food processing, laser and ultrasonic cooling and printing. It can precisely control the temperature during the modern industrial machinery manufacturing and increase the effect and quality of the products.

    1. Detailed information

    Large-Size Industrial Water Chiller TF-LS-20A


    一、Technical Parameter

    1.1 Model                                                                          TF-LS-20A

    1.2 Refrigerating Capacity                                             58.3KW

    1.3 Input Power                                                               19.2KW

    1.4 Power Supply                                                             3PH 380V 50Hz

    1.5 Compressor Type                                                     Totally enclosed scroll

    1.6 Condenser Fan Type                                                External rotor axial flow fan

    1.7 Condenser Air Volume                                              2.5x104m³/h

    1.8 Condenser Type                                                         Fin type

    1.9 Evaporator Type                                                          Tank coil or tube type

    1.10 Evaporator Water Flow                                            10m³/h

    1.11 Evaporator Inch Nozzle Diameter                           2-1/2

    1.12 Evaporator Water Tank                                             400L     

    1.13 Water Pump Power                                                   2.25KW

    1.14 Water Pump Lift                                                          20m

    1.15 Length                                                                          2110mm  

    1.16 Width                                                                             850mm  

    1.17 Height                                                                           1600mm                                 

    1.18 Unit Weight                                                                   850kg    


    二、Main Feature:

    1.The compressor is manufactured by DAIKIN in Japan and COPELAND in America, which has low noise, a long lifespan and energy-saving performance.
    2.Condenser of the air-cooling plant in the form of aluminum fin while the condenser of the water-cooling plant in the form of shell-tube type.

    3.The water-tank evaporator which is made of stainless steel is equipped with automatically water refilling device.

    4.The stainless steel mercury is available to prevent the secondary pollution;

    5.The temperature controller , which is of practical use and has a high control precision, is controlled by the micro-computer and can be operated easily.

    6.The structure is the machine is artistic and the whole machine can be moved easily.

    7.The machine is equipped with phase-inversion protective device, overload protective device, high and low pressure protective device and low temperature protective device.

    8.The company provides on-site guidance training.



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