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    Laboratory Low Temperature Refrigerator TF-86-60-WA

    • Model:Laboratory Low Temperature Refrigerator TF-86-60-WA
    • Brand:Toffon
    • Technical Service:Our company can provide non-standard custom-made machines and solutions.

    Low temperature freezer, also called Llow refrigerating cabinet and low temperature storage box, has been widely used in scientific research institutions, electronic and chemical enterprise laboratory, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic station and the livestock system to keep in store the medicines, vaccine, enzyme, hormone, stem cells, blood cells, sperm, the transplant skin, samples extracted from human beings, genes of different seed, genes for clone, some paramount biological and chemical reagents, competent escherichia coli, competent cells and phages.

    1. Detailed information

    Laboratory Low Temperature Refrigerator TF-86-60-WA


    1. Technical Parameter

    1.1 Model:                                                       TF-86-60-WA

    1.2 Temp Range:                                          -40℃~-86℃

    1.3 Effective Volume:                                    60L

    1.4 Power Supply:                                         220V/50HZ

    1.5 Rated Power:                                          350W

    1.6 Size of Inner Tank(mm):                       440*350*315

    1.7 Configuration(mm):                               650*560*880 


    2. Product Introduction,

    2.1 The equipment is easy to use, which can reduce cold loss and save energy.

    2.2 The equipment contains a high-efficiency air-cooled condenser with good heat dissipation effect and fast refrigeration rate. 

    2.3 The equipment has ultra-thick green insulation layer which can reduce cold loss effectively, save energy and extend working life.

    2.4 The inner tank of cabinet is made of the stainless steel. The tube-in-sheet cooper evaporator makes it easy to access articles. The refrigeration effect is good and the inner tank is easy to clean.

    2.5 The control device and inner temperature indication device are installed on the front of the cabinet. The temperature inside the cabinet can be adjusted and seen without open the door, which is beautiful, practical and generous.

    2.6 The macro-computer can control the temperature, which is more exact and safer.

    2.7 The system is equipped safety protection device, which can ensure the safety operation of the system.

    2.8 The machine is equipped with perfect alarm system (The alarm system can give an alarm when the temperature is ultra-low and the system breaks down.) and temperature registering system (Ordered separately) to ensure the store and safety of the articles inside the cabinet.

    2.9 The refrigerating system is all equipped with imported parts, which has good reliability and long working life.

    2.10 The horizontal type can be manufactured with glass door which is open- top and visual according to customer requirement, which is the first in China.












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