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Benefits Of Freeze Dryers In The Field Of Medical Pharmacy

Benefits Of Freeze Dryers In The Field Of Medical Pharmacy

     Vacuum freeze drying is a process that removes water and/or solvent from substances (e.g., food, medicine or biological products) by sublimation. The benefit of freeze dryers in the field of medical pharmacy are that they can remove water and preserve perishable products.

     Because the action of microorganisms and enzymes (This action usually destroys or degrade products.) is inhibited, in the case of pharmaceutical products, the process increases the stability of the products and, in general, makes it easier to store the products.

     In addition, the process makes the products more convenient to transport because the products became more compact and lighter. Since the freeze-drying occurs at low temperature, freeze-drying is particularly advantageous for products that are damaged at higher temperatures required for other processes. Then, the freeze-dried products can be easily and rapidly re hydrated and restored by adding water and/or solvent removed

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