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Tianfeng Was Invited To Participate In The 2017 EXPOQUIMIA

Tianfeng Was Invited To Participate In The 2017 EXPOQUIMIA 

   The Spain international chemical exhibition (EXPOQUIMIA) is held every three years, and it is the largest commerical exchange platform in the Mediterranean chemical industry. The exhibition is also a gateway for businesses to Latin America and Europe. Spain is the fifth largest chemical industry in Europe. In October 2017, the nineteenth Spain international chemical exhibition will be opened at Gran Via Exhibition Centre in Barcelona. It is an important platform for chinese chemical industry enterprises to open up the European market. Tianfeng, as a manufacturert of chemical field application equipment - freeze drying machine, has been also invited to participate in this event, will exhibit many self-developed freeze drying machine series products and get much attention in the exhoibition.

    In order to better expand the impact of “Tianfeng”brand, Shanghai Tianfeng insists on the major strategic deployment of “bring in, go out”. Shanghai Tianfeng imports advanced technology and management experience of Germany, passes the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system standard certification, improves the quality management system, strictly manages and controls the design, development, production, inspection, service and all relevant processes of the products. So the quality of the company’s products and services are continuously improved and the supply of Tianfeng’s products has grown rapidly in major cities and international markets.

     At that time, welcome all overseas Chinese, foreign friends to visit!

1.Exhibition time: October 2nd-6th, 2017

2.Exhibition location: Gran Via Exhibition Centre, Barcelona, Spain

3.Exhibition period: every three years


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