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Aftertreatment Equipment For Freeze Dryer Of Fruits And Vegetables

Aftertreatment Equipment For Freeze Dryer Of Fruits And Vegetables:

1.Aftertreatment Of Freeze-Dried Food

   Freeze-dried foods need to be after-treated to avoid to be oxidized because of long contract bertween freeze-dired material and air, and resurgence phenomenon and bacterial contamination due to the absorption of moist air. Freeze-dried food out of storage are first packed into large bags and transported to the aftertreatment workshop for sorting, weighing and packaging. Some also need to be crushed and other aftertreatment work.

2.Aftertreatment Equipment

   In addition to the installation package device, crushing device and other aftertreatment equipments, sorting tables, weighing equipment, air conditioning equipment and air dehumidification facility are generally needed. Please keep the air in the aftertreatment workshop clean and dry.


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