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What Is A Multifunctional Vacuum Freeze Dryer?

What Is A Multifunctional Vacuum Freeze Dryer?

   The main engine of multifunctional vacuum freeze dryer comprises a drying chamber and a condenser. A heating plate is arranged in the drying chamber along the axial direction. Its main features also includes that there are at least two condensers in the drying chamber and a vacuum valve is arranged between the condenser and the drying chamber.

  The multifunctional vacuum freeze dryer adopts distributed parameter design. The system consists of several identical hosts and can achieve large-scale production of small equipment. The freeze dryer has the advantages of good structure and manufacturability, reliable performance, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, low product cost, wide application range, easy popularization, simple structure, easy manufacture and convenient operation. The machine manufacturing cost is reduced about 1/3. The equipment is removable. Every single or multi section drying chamber, the corresponding refrigerator and the vacuum pump can be transported to any production site by automobile, such as countryside or pasture, to meet the needs of seasonal or on-site treatment.

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