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         Shanghai Toffon machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, which has flourishing development of science and technology and is honored as Oriental Pearl of China. Toffon focuses on R&D and producing lyophilizers, water chillers, ultra low temperature refrigerators, chromatography experiments freezers, constant temperature slots and other refrigeration equipment, and providing integrated solutions for the production lines of freeze drying requirement of chemical, foods and other industries.

    Toffon is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, the prosperity of science and technology. Toffon has a history of 12 years, focuses on refrigeration industry technological innovation and product application. Combining German modern production management experience, the most advanced science and technology of Zhejiang University refrigeration Research Institute with Toffon, Toffon is committed to creating and extension the most valuable and the most powerful brand in refrigeration industry..

   Toffon's products are famous for their sophisticated manufacturing process, precise temperature control precision, the limit of ultra low temperature and efficient after-sales service. Owing to the close cooperation with Zhejiang University, Toffon has a number of authoritative refrigeration experts and formed a main R & D team by Zhejiang University professors, which concentrates on customers’ requirements and providing ideal solutions with the fastest supply. Moreover Toffon provides perfect after sales support to ensure the timeliness and specialty of after-sales service.

    Whether for specialized research laboratories, or for different production fields,Toffon has become the ideal partner.

     上海拓纷机械设备有限公司位于科技繁荣的长三角、被誉为祖国“东方明珠”的上海,公司长期以来专注于研发和生产:冷冻干燥机(冻干机)、冷水机、超低温冰箱、层析冷柜、恒温槽等制冷设备,提供化工、食品及其他行业所需冷冻干燥生产线整体解决方案 。




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